Kazi Mazharul Hasan Khadem

পিঁপড়ে means Ants, expresses teamwork & togetherness 🌎

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Hi, I'm Khadem. This is my Portfolio site.

I like team-work when big-scale professional work comes which helps me to ensure the quality of the work. I'm Expert in Software UI/UX designing and prototyping (Front-end Developer), XML, website designing, CAD, Ravit, 3D Modelling in Rhino & SketchUp, Rendering / Animation with V-ray & Lumion, 3D Modeling for Gaming Environment, Designing Logo, Banner, Ads, Illustrations, Photoshop works, video editing with Premiere Pro and many other webs, software and design-related works. I speak and understand 3 languages, English, Bengali, and Hindi.

Clean and detailed works

Architectural and Software design related works start from hand sketches to high-end output using advanced visualization tools to deliver professional works, and also my study-related works.

recent Clients

Proud to work on incredible ideas and projects from all over the globe.


Titas Gas





Pipray / Render, Animation and UI Designing

Kazi Mazharul | mazharul@pipray.com | +880 171 211 3613 | Dhaka